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Amoena Essential

Balanced and secure fit. Developed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery: balanced and secure fit.
Manufacturer: Amoena

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  • Designed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery: a balanced and secure fit
  • Offers a pleasant feel and appearance
  • Available styles include Essential and Essential Deluxe.


Light breast forms offer the following benefits:


  • Weigh up to a third less than traditional breast forms of the same shape, offering exceptional comfort.
  • They help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, and are therefore particularly beneficial for women with a large bust or who have been diagnosed with lymphedema following their breast surgery.
  • Ideal to wear for sports and swimming.
  • Essential Deluxe‘s ultra soft, gel back layer hugs the body closely and securely – and is extra gentle to scar tissue.
  • All Amoena light versions combine the advantages of the best fitting breast form with lightweight comfort.


Shapes and sizes


Please see our Certified Mastectomy Fitter in order to determine the optimum shape and size needed.

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