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Amoena Individual

Adapts for a close fit. Adapts individually to the contours of a woman’s body with every movement. Designed especially for women who have an uneven chest wall
Manufacturer: Amoena

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  • The soft moldable back layer adapts individually to an uneven chest wall for a close fit and added comfort
  • Molds gently to a woman's chest wall and fits snug as she moves
  • The back layer retains its shape when there is no movement
  • Front layer keeps a natural shape


Light breast forms offer the following benefits:


  • Weigh up to a third less than traditional breast forms of the same shape, offering exceptional comfort.
  • They help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, and are therefore particularly beneficial for women with a large bust or who have been diagnosed with lymphedema following their breast surgery.
  • Ideal to wear for sports or any exercise
  • All Amoena light versions combine the advantages of the best fitting breast form with lightweight comfort.


Now with Comfort+


Due to the integration of temperature balancing material Amoena Individual offers:


  • More pleasant skin sensation
  • Pleasing skin sensation


Shapes and Sizes


Please see our Certified Mastectomy Fitter in order to determine the optimum shape and size needed.

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